The HYPERBOLE Conference is organized in three main pillars: Hydro Units, Electric Power System and Energy Regulation.

The following list of topics is not exhaustive but it is provided in order to help prospective authors on identifying what is likely to be in the scope of the Conference.

Hydro Units

Electric Power System

Energy Regulation

  • Cavitating flows in hydraulic machines and systems
  • Hydraulic transients and control systems
  • Flow instabilities, hydraulic oscillations, flow-induced vibrations
  • Experimental and numerical hydrodynamics of turbines, pumps and pump-turbines
  • Modelling of hydro power plants for dynamic stability assessment;
  • Control of hydro power plants;
  • Hydro power support to power system stability;
  • Provision of advanced regulation functionalities;
  • Coordinated control of storage systems;


  • Simulation of the hydro-pump storage impact in the ancillary services markets;

  • Joint participation of hydro and NRE power plants in the ancillary services market;

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